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What is Locally Socially?

What is Locally Socially? Good Question…

We serve two sets of people: Businesses… and their Customers

Customers – you can find your local everything right here! We’ll tell you who the best rated people are and you can rate them for yourselves for others to benefit from. You’ll find the best local businesses and their events, and things to do in the North West of England. You can make comments on the businesses you value (or perhaps you don’t!) and you can find new businesses by search, map and category browsing.

Businesses – you have the key to our machine – list your business for FREE or get a featured listing to put your business at the top of everyone’s list. Then let everyone know your offers, promotions, events, nights out, as well as your physical location (on our great maps your customers can also get directions), your links to social networks, and contact details. We want to help your business go social! Visit our Achieve+ Section to find other ways to promote your business and benefit from our marketing skills! There are ideas for everyone. We’re not just here to list your business, we’re here to help it. Take advantage of our periodic email, our Achieve+ business directory and our marketing services catered to you.


Find Your Local Whatever!

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About Us

Locally Socially exists to boost the profiles of local shops and services. As the name suggests, we're here to make local businesses in to social businesses, for customers' and owners' benefits. Customers need to find their local "whatever" and businesses want to be found. So list your business, however small and start supporting local!

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