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COVID-19 Resources

We have decided to pivot our website completely towards helping normal people access the services they will need most during COVID-19 and lockdown. We want to help delivery services, takeaways, market traders, charities and food banks, and other businesses who are tirelessly working during the pandemic to easily communicate what they offer from a central place. So, at the moment our website is very generic, and design-neutral. Please forgive us for that! Once the pandemic subsides we will be able to offer more premium services, but right now, we want to offer a general service that benefits businesses and their customers alike, and we want to provide this for FREE. So please take the offer of good will, let us know if there is more information we should provide, or if you feel we should provide it in a different way. There is a contact form here, just for that. If you know a business that should be on here, you can let us know about them here as well. Additionally, you can also click here for more information, such as pay stubs.

Our EthosLocally Socially - http://www.locallysocially.co.uk

We are a small company. Hey, maybe one day we might be big. But we will only do that by helping small businesses like yours to get their message across to potential customers.

Locally Socially began as an idea as its founder, Chris Abalain was searching for affordable or free advertising opportunities online. There were many directories and link services but they were about as well known as Betamax and HD-DVD (yeah…what?) in their respective times of life. They didn’t bring much added value to his business, except for maybe increasing search engine optimisation levels.  So Locally Socially is born and so is the idea of helping other small businesses reach their target audience of potential customers.

Along with this insight, was the idea of what we don’t want to be – we don’t like long contracts and 30 day notice periods. We try not to invoke these on you unless you want them (and save money in the process of course). We hate poor customer service and heaven knows we’ve encountered that at advertising and sales companies, whose only goal is to make money from you and maximise their own revenue. Don’t get us wrong – we’re not pretending to be the saviours, nor a charity but every idea we have will benefit your small business or mini-venture as much as it benefits us, if not more.

What we hope to do is two-fold:

1. Help your businesses reach more potential customers

We’re not here to make the big guns bigger, we’re trying to boost the small business economy. We want to help the shops that are struggling to get enough local customers, the housewife who cooks cakes for their friends, but wants more business. The growth of these small businesses will help our economy grow and bring success upon struggling entrepreneurs.

2. Help your customers find you and your business easier

We’re not just here for the business, we are also here for the consumer – Paddy who wants an alternative gift for his girlfriend’s birthday, Angela who is looking f0r someone to build her new fences or Old farmer Joe who needs to find a local greengrocer to sell produce to. We’re all looking for something, and our website will help you find whatever you’re after, in a place that’s local to you. If you don’t have something locally, you will be able to find the place nearest to your location. Then you can map it, find it, and buy it, whatever it is.


Our Promise to You – our clients

We won’t make promises we can’t keep but we will stick to our principles.

1. No compulsory long contracts or long notice periods (if you subscribe to a featured listing you can cancel at any time during the current period and you won’t have to pay for next month).

2. We won’t sell you something you don’t benefit from – we have lots of ideas for increasing the exposure of a small business, but we promise to highlight the suitability of the product to certain businesses so you can understand if this product is for you. For some of our products we even give away free trials to make sure that the product achieves what it sets out to achieve before committing to it.

3. We will put some of your money in to promoting our site, which will in turn promote your business. You can help by sharing our website with your friends, telling other small business people, those that provide services locally and those you know that sell on other sites, that we can help them promote their business.

4. There will be more. We’re always looking for new ways to improve our site, more ways to help you as small business people to make more sales and increase your exposure.

Our Promise to our website users

1. We want you to be able to find your local “whatever”. We’ll encourage all your local businesses to list relevant things about their business so you can find what you are looking for.

2. We promise to make sure any of your details are kept securely and you can visit our privacy policy to find out how.

3. We love to serve you! So if you have any problems with the website, we really want to know, so please report any issues to [email protected] or visit our help section to report any issues.

Is there anything on this page that you feel we missed out? Anything that our users might want to know? Let us know.