Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is LocallySocially?
We’re a website, a business in ourselves. But we want your local business to be successful, because your success is ours. Find out more here
2. Who can add a listing?
You! That’s the simple answer! But of course there is a more thorough answer here. Basically anyone can add a listing, but only the business owner may claim it.
3. What do I get for free?
You can add a place listing with a description, phone number, email facility, website address, Facebook page and one image. You can add your business to one category. You can also list events for free for up to 60 days with a description, Facebook page and website. Your listing will not be linked to any place unless you buy a featured listing.
4. What do I pay for?
For now, nothing! During Coronavirus and for a limited time, everything is free to list in full.  But, this is a question with a loaded answer! Normally, and again in the future, with a paid featured listing, you will be first in the listings when people browse your category or find it in the search box. As well as everything you get for free, you’ll also get extra information in your listing such as:

  • Space to list special offers
  • Opening times
  • Twitter page address
  • Importantly, you can add a promotional video code from sites such as Youtube, Vimeo or any other streaming site that allows you to embed a video.
  • You’ll also get access to Google Analytics statistics for your listing to see how well it is performing. You can use this to gauge the effect of your listed special offers.
  • We’re not done… you can also show up to 10 images related to your business
  • You can also be added to extra categories (by contacting us with the relevant categories you wish to be added to, max 10).

Not only that, our paid featured listings are shared on our social network pages and we may also contact you with opportunities to feature on our blog, giving you even more value for money.

We also plan on adding events to your pages. Your events will get everything you get in the place listings and you will also be able to:

  • Put exact locations with exact locations
  • Make recurring events so your weekly classes or monthly meetups will always be there at the top of the listings
  • Give registration details separately
  • Specify a price.
  • In addition you will be able to LINK your paid events listing to your business place listing so people who are interested can find out all about you
  • We’re even talking about helping you with registrations as well but this could be a while off yet. For now you can specify a link to lead people to your event registration page if you have one.
5. How long do my listings last?
Free Place listings last for 180 days, i.e. around 6 months. But you will be notified and ask to renew your listing.

Featured Place listings do not expire but when your subscription lapses, it will turn your listing in to a free listing which expires after 180 days